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Verizon Wireless Roadside Assistance Review

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We are giving Verizon Wireless Roadside Assistance a Big Thumbs down and Recommend spending your money on Triple A or another reputable service with a history of good customer service. We come to this after using the service multiple times in different cities with different companies responding only to get the same results -Damage to our vehicle! We are dropping our Verizon Wireless Roadside Assistance today and Signing up with Triple A.

On both occasions  it was a key lockout situation and  in the first instance we had to send them away without even opening the car after they struggled for 25 minutes unsuccessfully and in the process damaged the interior of the car. We then called Triple A and their guy had it open in about 45 seconds with no damage. Not only did the Verizon contracted people not know what they were doing, the equipment they were using was in poor condition with the plastic cover missing showing exposed metal edges and leaving scratches and gouges. The Triple A guy used the exact same tools except with the protective plastic in tact to avoid any damage and we had no problems. We contacted Verizon Roadside Assistance immediately and complained and they said to contact the contracted company which I did right away. I provided photos and they were very agreeable and apologized but when it came to getting the window tint fixed (I found the shop that originally tinited it would do it a a discount)  no payment or anything has been recieved 4 months later so I’ve moved on. Verizon doesn’t seem to have any quality control over the people they are contracting with.

The next time we had a lockout in a completely different part of California I called them (Verizon Roadside Assistance) again to give them a chance to get it right and I explained my first ordeal hoping to avoid a similar situation. ( they say lightening doesn’t strike in the same place twice well we just proved that theory wrong.) So the guy shows up and he is very nice and has been made aware of my previous experience and starts to go about his job when I notice the tool he is using is leaving scratches on the plastic around the interior door lock and I ask him to stop and we need to look at the tool. He does so willingly and also sees the scratches it was leaving and proceeded to “tape” up the tool to avoid further damage. So with that he does successfully get the door open without any more fuss and  departs.

So here I am again accessing the damage  and I find the unprotected tool has scratched the paint going into the door, the plastic around the lock, and window tint. Minor damage, but completely avoidable damage non-the-less to a near perfect custom interior. You are only as good as the care you take of your equipment and these guys get a thumbs down and no more chances for Verizon Roadside Assistance contractors to get it right.

Our Advice – Spend your Money with experts in their field, Verizon Wireless should only be involved as the phone service used with making the call to a reputable Roadside Assistance Company.

December 15, 2012

My car was damaged when they loaded it for towing and Verizon made me deal with the towing company who didn't want to fix it (I even took photos when it happened). Use the phones- stay away from the roadside.
Thanks for the review!

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